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Educators have long professed the belief that all children regardless of mental or physical conditions have certain needs that must be met. The education of all children is the responsibility of the educational authorities whether they are above normal, of normal, or below normal intelligence.

To meet the needs of the educable mentally retarded in the public schools, the regular school curriculum is adjusted. This paper is concerned with the curricular experiences for the educable mentally retarded as they are related to their needs and abilities.

The Problem

The main purpose of this paper is to discover and present provisions and useful techniques incident to producing a suggested curriculum for the educable mentally retarded. This involves four minor problems: (1) to show the early development of education for the mentally retarded; (2) to determine characteristics and problems of the educable mentally retarded; ( J) to show trends in educational programs for the mentally retarded; and (4) to set up basis for curriculum planning for the educable mentally retarded.

Need for the Study

A survey of the educational literature dealing with curriculum planning for the educable mentally retarded shows that information in this area is limited. Teachers in training programs have expressed concern about what to teach these children. In most cities, the program is in its initial stage of development. At the time of this writing, the State of Texas has not published a curriculum guide for teachers of the mentally retarded. For these reasons, it is apparent that there is a need for curriculum proposals for the educable mentally retarded in the public schools.

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