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Year after year hundreds of students graduate from the various high schools and do not further their education. It Is the purpose of this survey to find out how many graduates did not go to college and why they did not go. There is an increase in graduates and a decrease in students going to college. The purpose of this survey is: 1. To study the student as he fits into the community 2. To find out how many students worked while in high school and what wages were received 3. To find out the assistance the school has been in aiding the students to secure employment 4. To find out if any of the subjects taken in high school have been of value in jobs held

Method of Collecting Data The method of securing this information was through the questionnaire interview. A list was secured, from the principal of Cuero Colored High School, of all the graduates from the years 1932 to 1935. The names of those graduates who are away in college were checked from the list. The writer was concerned only with those graduates who are not in college.

Many of the graduates had moved, but the information was secured from their parents and other relatives. The house to house method of interviewing was used. This method required much time, hut it was believed that the survey would be more effective if the homes were visited. By using this method there was a chance for conversation, in which helpful information was secured.

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J. B. Cade


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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