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Social hierarchies based on the dominant or subordinate behavior of every individual toward all others of the group have been described for many vertebrate animals from fish to man. Investigators have known (Masure and Allee, 1934; Allee, 1951; Collias, 1944; Douglis, 1948) that in herds of larger mammals where one can distinguish different individuals, the group may be organized with a dominant leader and frequently with subleaders that stand out above the common run of the herd (Allee, 1951). Further, it has been found that flocks of birds are organized into a social hierarchy with a recognized social order that runs through the entire flock.

This report is designed to describe the following:

  1. The social patterns of dominance-subordination relations in the organization of flocks of Hyline Leghorn hens.
  2. The social interaction of Hyline Leghorn hens who are members of more than one flock.
  3. How these inbred hybrid hens react toward one another in their residential flocks, or home flocks.

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C. H. Nicholas


Prairie View A&M College


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