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The problem to be considered in this study is to determine how to improve the safety education program in the E. C. Struggs Junior High School Industrial Arts Department of Lubbock, Texas. In order to resolve this problem it will be necessary to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the current status of safety features of the industrial arts program at E. C. Struggs Junior High School?
  2. What will determine the basis for an adequate safety education program in west Texas junior high school industrial arts laboratories?
  3. What factors and/or elements will be included in a good safety program for the E. C. Struggs Junior High School Industrial Arts Laboratory?
  4. What is a good method of teaching safety materials in junior high school industrial arts laboratories of the west Texas area?

This study was written in relation to seventh, eighth, and nineth grade students. The school from which observations were made is located at 1323 East 24th Street, Lubbock, Texas. The school is a brick structure in which only seventh and eighth graders attend at present. Its enrollment is three hundred and ninety (390) students, most of which come from low income families.

A further limitation was that only fifty (50) junior high school industrial arts teachers who represent a cross section of the west Texas area were considered. Only the opinions of these teachers were used to determine the relative value of a select group of safety rules, and their suggestions for additional safety rules were used.

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A. T. Kynard


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