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This is a study of the home practices, duties, activities, and home environments of eighth grade Negro girls of Texas during the school year, September 1916 to May 1917. The study was made of eighth-grade girls because the writer believes that the objectives of such a study could be determined if based upon information received from girls of this age level. It is possible that girls of this status would have certain performances in sharing home duties, that may furnish information showing the needs of the pupils. These performances or services which might be performed by girls in sharing home duties are referred to as home activities.

It is believed that one's earlier experiences and interests have a guiding influence upon subsequent ones therefore, it may be possible to determine whether or not the activities in which the girls now engager could be expected to prepare them somewhat adequately for satisfactory living in later years.

Nickell and Dorsey (ll*) are of the opinion that homemaking is concerned with that part of human experience which centers around life with another individual or with a group of individuals in a home. This experience in family living consists of the sharing of resources in common, the developing of individual personalities, the attaining of satisfaction through shared group experiences and the contributions to and taking part in the social responsibilities which make up the societal setting of the family group. Since there are responsibilities in homemaking which must be shared by members of the family, it seems reasonable to assume that girls in most homes do play an important part in carrying on home activities. The responsibilities which must be undertaken by homemakers are determined by the activities and events taking place within the home involving all members of the family. There are at least three classes of responsibility to be considered: (1) Building family life, (2) Management of resources to assure attainment: of family goals, (3) Those responsibilities which require physical activity in performing tasks and caring for members of family in homemaking.These responsibilities involve not only the use of tools but also the use of such human resources as mental and physical activity.

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E. C. May


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