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The point of view presented in this research paper is that choral music has a highly important function in the education program and that choral music must be shaped logically and realistically within the framework of the total program of the school. The author believes that the primary purpose of the choral program is to develop the aesthetic potential, with which every human being is endowed, to the highest possible level.

For many years choral interpretation or the understanding of good music has been misunderstood. Choral music was considered a recreational activity in the schools and communities and there was not an awareness of the creative art in singing. Therefore, while their minds are pliable, pupils should be taught in the different singing organizations that singing requires more than just a good voice.

There are four tenets to be remembered when teaching choral singing. They are (1) posture, (2) phonation, (3) resonation, and (I4.) interpretation.

Statement of the Problem.

It is the purpose of this study to show the following: (1) the authoritative approaches to tempo, diction, phrasing, dynamics, breathing, style, blend, and balance as discussed by several different authors of well-known books on choral music and (2) the conductor's role as an interpreter and arbitrator of different views on various problems.

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H. Edison Anderson


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