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In the development of a county health department, it seems advisable, for many reasons, that the area served by the department represents some existing unit of government. As a governmental function, the health department must be integrated with the governmental system as a whole and this can be realized only when it is attached to an existing unit.

The population of some counties is too small to justify the organization of a county health department; under such conditions, it may be necessary to marge with an adjoining county for the purpose of health administration, or to form a health district out of several small adjoining counties. The board of health or health commission should consist of not more than seven members, representing the governing board of the county, the medical profession, and the general public.

Of the various experiments in county or rural health administration that have been carried on up to this time, the only ones that seem to offer hope of an effective and lasting solution to the problem or rural administration are those organized to serve rather large areas.

Federal funds for the promotion of county or rural health services should be disbursed through the state health authorities and should not be allocated on the basis of population alone. The system of state and federal aids used to promote and maintain the county health department has proved its utility and should be extended.

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C. A. Wood

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Zelia S. Coleman


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