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The FOA (Foreign Operation Administration), which was later changed to ICA (International Cooperation Administration), was created on August 1, 1953, as a result of "President Eisenhower's Reorganization Plan No. 7."2 Functions of four separate agencies were combined. The prior agencies were: (1) The Office of Director for Mutual Security; (2) The Mutual Security Agency; (3) The Technical Cooperation Administration; (4) The Institute of Inter-American Affairs.

2 Ibid., p. 1.

The FOA (ICA) has six major functions, namely:

  1. To coordinate the development and administration of all mutual security programs (including the Military Assistance Programs administrated by the Department of Defense) to assure that each portion is consistent with United States foreign policy and, where appropriate, is integrated with other related programs; and to assure that the total mutual security program represents a proper balancing of the economic, political and military considerations essential to United States security.
  2. To administer all programs of economic assistance. Some of these help support other nations' contributions to the free world's defense efforts; others are intended to assist economic development in areas where increased economic strength is important to the economic and political strength of the free world.
  3. To administer programs of technical cooperation (Point IV).
  4. To administer the Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act; cooperating with other nations to control trade between the free world and the Soviet bloc to assure that war potential goods are denied to the bloc and that trade results in net advantage to the free world.
  5. To administer the United States Escapee Program and to undertake certain responsibilities for other refugees.
  6. To carry out emergency programs for relief or rehabilitation as directed by the President.1

The writer would like to point out that the above information has been included in this writing for the purpose of presenting a total picture of the scope of the activities that are carried out by the FOA (ICA). Major emphasis throughout this writing will be placed on the third function outlined on the preceding page (Technical Cooperation).

1 Ibid., pp. 1-2.

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