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Master of Science

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Special Education


This study was undertaken because one of this nature had not been made previously to compare special education units for educable, mentally retarded children in Negro schools of Texas, and to determine how they measure up to standards set by the Texas Education Agency. It was felt that an investigation of this nature might reveal to school officials (1) valuable information as to how their programs are measuring up to state standards, (2) emphasize a need for a closer adherence to these standards; and (3) to create an interest among administrators of all Negro schools in improving their special education programs.

The purpose of the study is to survey the nature, organization, and extent of special education services for the educable, mentally retarded in Negro schools of Texas from the view point of the special teacher and attitudes of school administrators. It also seeks to identify special education services in Negro schools of Texas.

The most practical and accurate means of attacking the problem of surveying Special Education Units for the Educable Mentally Retarded children in Negro schools of Texas was to distribute questionnaires to a selected group of special education teachers. The following limitations are noted:

  1. This study is limited to discussion of special units dealing with educable mentally retarded children.
  2. The only persons participating in this study were in-service teachers attending Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College, during the summer of June, 1963.
  3. All of the respondents did not adequately complete each item listed on the questionnaire.
  4. Out of the 100 questionnaires only 75 teachers responded.

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Jack W. Echols


Prairie View A&M College


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