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In recent years, increasing emphasis has been placed upon our responsibility toward the education of our youth to meet the ever increasing complexities of modem living.

Faced with an era that has seen topographical consideration of the earth diminish as a result of modern methods of communication and transportation, educators and logicians are at once beset, not only with the problems of keeping abreast of developments in previously considered remote parts of the world, but also with those of utlizing every segment of our population and of supplying the technicians necessary to preserve the conerstone of our heritage.

This is a study of (1) types of biology courses; (2) methods and materials; (3) equipment; (4) audio-visual aids; (5) training of teachers; (6) supervision, and (7) problems of biology teachers in eighty-five accredited Negro high schools.

It is the writer's desire to present the conditions of the Negro schools on a statewide basis, with no restriction to a particular area. This study covers schools as far as Texarkana in the east; as far north as Ft. Worth; as far south as Corpus Christi, and as far west as EI Paso.

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C. L. Ward

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C. H. Nicholas

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J. D. Singletary

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H. T. Jones

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Burt A. Mayberry


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