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Any choir, regardless of its size and location, can do a commendable piece of work provided it is fairly well balanced and that the director is competent, and that it has the cooperation of the minister and the good will of the congregation. The trend of modern or present day choirs is to play and sing jazz and sloppy compositions. This takes away greatly from the dignity and order of a well regulated church service. Although many churches are falling into this category, it behooves each director, who knows better, to point the way to others by training his group to always choose and sing the best music.

The purpose of this investigation has been to secure data on the status of choir and choir officers, their duties and activities. It would be desirable to furnish to my readers essential data for the solution of many other problems arising in connection of choir management, but time and space will not permit it. It is the writer's wish to make further study of this subject at some future date. The readers are asked to transmit the information gained from these pages to any one who is in need of such help.

A survey was made and thirty questionnaires were submitted to thirty senior choir officers or directors scattered in the various wards of Houston to be filled out and returned including the status of all choir organizations, whether vocal or instrumental. The results were compiled and tabulated. Information gained through research and personal visitation of many of the churches and their choir activities, pertinent to the subject, was carefully evaluated and studied. All questionnaires distributed were returned because personal contacts were made.

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O. Anderson Fuller


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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