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Physical Education


This thesis presents a comprehensive study of muscle flexibility in athletes and non-athletes, male and female, in the George Washington Carver High School of McGregor, Texas.

The writer agrees that it is too much to expect that, in these days of rapid development of specialized content, a single thesis, even a large one, can deal adequately with the total number of physical fitness areas connected with muscle flexibility in voluntary and involuntary flexibility.

"Flexibility and range of movement of the joints are basic to skill in body action.

"It is impossible to state how much flexibility is desirable, principally because it depends upon the individual's build, muscular strength, and activities in which he is to engage.

To develop flexibility means to increase joint mobility, or to increase the range of those motions which are possible in a joint. Exactly what happens in the tissues themselves is unknown but flexibility is accomplished by stretching or elongating tense and over-shortened muscles. Flexibility movements in parts of the body should never be forced, especially with young children. movements can be regulated by the individual. Voluntary muscles increase in size and grow strongly when they are used in strenuous exercises, but when not in use these muscles have a tendency to become weak. In schools where few sports are played some muscles may not develop to their highest flexible power. Exercise is a contributing factor to physical fitness and can help to develop strength, speed, and skill in individuals.

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William J. Kicks

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Hugh L. KcKinnis

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Eolus V. Rettig

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C. A. Wood

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Thomas Williams


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