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Ae the writer's experience in working with the Farm Security Administration for a short time interested him» he became more and more impressed with the type of service rendered to low-income farm families by this organization. In an attempt to further familiarize himself with the operations and apparent results of such a service rendered by this organization a further study was necessary. Just how well the services of this organization met the credit and educational needs of the group it served and the possibilities of the continuation of such services by the organization was in the mind of the writer.

Government workers* borrowers in the program printed material of the organization friends former employees and conferences with other interested individuals were the sources of data for this study.

The term Secretary as used in this study refers to the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture. The term organization refers to the Farm Security Administration or to its successor or predecessor organizations depending on the time to which the statement refers.

The three general headings into which the body of this study is divided are history types of projects and plans and policies.

In the first part of the study, the writer attempts to account idea of the Federal Government which was in the beginning known as the Federal Emergency Relief Program of 1933 and which is at present the Farmers Home Administration.

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