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Statement of Problem: For many years little effort has been put forth to teach science in the grades of a number of schools. However, in recent years there has been a growing interest along the development of elementary science. A few new programs have been introduced. The newness of elementary science made clear the need for an attempt in the development of an acceptable program for the primary grades that it may be used in teaching primary children.

The elementary science movement has made some progress. It has lived through a period when educators explained its great values; it has received its share of criticism, both good and bad. Examinations of courses of study, questionnaires sent to schools, and periodicals reveal a decided increase of interest in elementary science. New elementary textbooks and readers are appearing. Colleges are offering courses in the teaching of science in the elementary schools. This is proof enough that this subject has come to hold an important place in the educational program.

Better provisions are being made for the teaching of science to elementary pupils in some of the schools of today.

Early science courses in elementary schools were composed of object lessons which developed into nature study ideas. Nature study books appeared, but many were written by persons lacking in scientific knowledge. Much of the fanciful and theological ideas crept into nature's writing and teaching. In many cases, nature degenerated to or failed to rise above mere naming of objects with little sympathetic interest in activities and understanding which moves its ardent devotees.

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