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The importance of child health cannot easily be overestimated for the health of any individual forms the basis of all other activities. Health is of greater importance in childhood than in adulthood, because of its influence during formative period.

Every parent who entertains hopes of her child becoming a great football star, a noted physician or a sturdy farmer must perpetuate this dream by making it possible. The foundation for successful living so far as it relates to health is laid in the early years. The factors which vitally influence the health of the child are food, clothing and sleep. These of course vary with climate, age, and season. Children, especially those in school, are often censored for failures for which they really are not to blame. A poor report card, inability to give attention or to concentrate can often be traced to poor health.

Childhood is naturally a carefree happy time and will be accompanied by various endeavors. If these meet with success, the child receives such satisfaction that he is inspired to attempt other things. This is the process through which experience is gained. The unhealthy child unfortunately does not meet with achievement as readily as does the healthy one, hence, he is not inspired to try new things and therefore his experiences are few.

Health affects both the mentality and the physical being of the child and any accomplishment whether mental or physical is influenced by health. Many permanent defects in health are results of improper care in childhood.

It is important that mothers and others in charge of children know corrective measures for ill health in children, for some defects which might be easily corrected in childhood are beyond cure in later years.

It is the purpose of this discourse to impress the reader with the relationship of health to all activities of childhood, and to point out some method which, if followed, will insure better health.

The cause of child health needs to be championed by persons interested in it, for too much is taken lightly where child health is concerned. This is often due to the inability of the child to intelligently describe his feelings and the inability of the parent to recognize or interpret symptoms.

It is a further purpose of this discussion to so impress the reader that he will become a student of child health ever seeking to find and remove anything which is or may result in ill health.

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