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The investigation and analysis were conducted in the first grade of the Carroll Street Elementary School, Beaumont, Texas, during the first semester 1949-1950, for the following major purposes:

  1. To determine who the pupils were who seemed to need speech correction instruction.
  2. To determine the nature of the speech defects of the pupils of the first grade.
  3. To determine what procedure could be used to correct specific types of speech disorders.
  4. To develop a well organized program of remedial speech correction instruction suitable to meet the needs of first grade pupils with specific speech disorders.
  5. To discover whether speech remedial correction improved the speaking of the children involved.

Limitation of Study

The proposed plan of speech correction instruction in the first grade of the Carroll Street Elementary School, Beaumont, Texas, is confronted with adverse circumstances. Some of the difficulties which will cause limitations are as follows:

  1. Time: There are 140 pupils enrolled in the first grade at the Carroll Street Elementary School. Ten children are equally distributed between four first grade teachers. The daily average attendance is 35. With this number of beginners, sufficient time for speech correction instruction daily cannot be given.
  2. Finances: Margaret Crabtree1, state Supervisor of Therapy, suggests: that medical examination and advice should be the first pre-requisite for speech correction. In Carroll Street Elementary School, there is no provision made for such examination.
  3. Teacher Personnel: Speech correction instruction is a new field, and only a few teachers have had a very limited degree of training in the field. The writer is a recipient of the course, Survey of Exceptional Children, summer 1949, Prairie View, Texas. The writer's knowledge of such a course is quite limited because of having had only six semester hours in it.
  4. Equipment: There are no funds provided in the school budget with which to purchase equipment for speech correction instruction. The teachers of the first grade donated a phonograph; interested parents, educational toys, the School Nurse, tongue depressors, and other equipment, such as filing cabinets, nasalspecula were borrowed from a local physician.

1. Margaret Crabtree, State Supervisor of Therapy, Texas State Department of Education, Austin, Texas

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A. C. Preston


Prairie View A&M College


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