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There are many problems which face us in the Public School System today, but the greatest of all is "the Relationship of the College in Regard to the Standard of instruction in the Public School System of Texas."

This study aims to show that colleges are directly responsible for the lack of standards of music in the Public School System. This discourse is divided into three parts and in general three aims are fostered.

  1. It is desired to present to the reader a general idea of all requirements for those attending Texas Colleges who pursue courses in Public School Music and to reveal the general lack of cultural perspectives, and resoures in Negro College invironments of Texas. There is a definite lack of efficient equipment in the Negro Colleges as compared with that of the white colleges.
  2. The writer attempts to define for your understanding the subject of Public School Music, as offered in the college curriculums and as taught in the Public Schools, for few people have a clear conception of the scope, purpose and content of the whole field.
  3. The methods for the solutions of all types of problems which may arise in Public School Music should be included in the curriculum of colleges and universities who prepare students for instruction in that field. The colleges in order to teach good music, to increase appreciation for good music, to promote the general Welfare of music and to bring the universal benefits of music to its students should have a composite program in which the students may actively participate. They should also cooperate with the State Department of Education in setting up standards of instruction for all Texas colleges on the level with the highest type of professional schools of music.

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J. M. Drew


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