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The chief factors in determining the efficiency of a cooperative education program are as follows: (1) the quality of the students selected (2) the placement of the student trainee and (3) the follow-up report of the students once they have graduated from high school.

The guidance service, school records, and faculty recommendations are the services that should be made available and utilized by the teacher-coordinator when seeking prospective students.

Barba H. Kemp states that "conscientious efforts should be made to match the job to the student with appropriate interest and ability, and the possibility of career motivation resulting from these placements should be considered very seriously.

In determining the quality of students to be selected for a cooperative program, students who have made grades of all "A's" are not necessarily best qualified; however, those students who have the aptitude and qualification should be given priority.


Statement of the Problem. For the young or inexperienced coordinator, it can become extremely difficult to: (1) select the student for enrollment into cooperative classes (2) place the student-trainees and (3) do an accurate follow-up survey on the graduating seniors.

It is anticipated that the result of the findings will give some insight into the following question:

1. How does Texas differ from the states selected for the study in selecting cooperative students?

2. What are the techniques used in placing students?

3. What are the techniques used in making an accurate follow-up report?

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C. T. Edwards, Jr.


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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