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How well a girl develops socially and personally determines how well she gets along with people—her friends, her teachers, her employers, and the world in which she lives. Her social development governs her behavior and her learning in school or at home. It affects the way she does a job and the way she shows fear, anger, happiness, or hurt.

Girls are eager to enjoy the social life all about them and to take part in it. They need rich experiences, understanding, and love so that they may learn how to live and get along with others.

We, as parents and teachers, are responsible for guiding and helping the girl at each stage of her development so that she may achieve social and personal maturity along with her physical and intellectual growth.

A particular trying time in the life of many girls is adolescence. Parents are frequently at a loss in understanding this period of development. The result may be the formulation of new rules in a sometimes desperate attempt to regulate this stage of growth. It is not surprising that interpersonal conflicts arise and that misunderstandings may be increased or magnified.

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