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The problem for this study is to find approaches in teaching music reading in grades one through six.

The ability to read music is an essential part of a well-rounded music education, and its development should be given proper consideration in the general music class. It is a step to musical understanding and appreciation-one which well taught, leads to perpetually delightful adventures into the realm of music lessons and disagreeable task to be laid aside as quickly as possible. It is important, therefore, that teachers know how to present music reading in an interesting and meaningful way. Their aims should be, (1) to have children enjoy and use music,4 (2) to help the child acquire a knowledge of music notations and symbols, (3) to help the child develop aural powers and to know by sound what he knows by sight, (4) to make the child more aware of the aesthetic values of music through its theoretical approach.

The significant factors for teaching music reading, are basically to help the child to gain a better understanding of music notation, to instill self-confidence of musical knowledge and to make the child more aware of the aesthetic values of music through its theoretical approach.

This study is limited to the population of one-hundred and twenty-five in Atlanta, Texas with an enrollment of five-hundred or more pupils.

4Anne E. Pierce, Teaching Music in the Elementary School (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961), p. 88.

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