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To facilitate the providing of learning experiences for children in a classroom a teacher must be able to cope with the numerous mathematical changes that are present and existing.

In this study the writer purposes to (1) Review studies that deal with most types of mathematical problems. (2) Determine the causes of mathematical problems. (3) Discover some effective techniques for minimizing these problems among children in classrooms.

Significance of the Study

The teaching of functional concepts should start in the early grades for learning of arithmetic is a gradual growth process that should be guided and directed at all stages by a systematical planned program. Learning should be goal centered and the learning activity should be purposeful. Learning is reacting. There can be no learning without pupil response and activity.

A teacher definitely should plan to explore and develop the interest and aptitudes of children who have unusual capacity and talent in the field of arithmetic. It is time that interest will ultimately determine in a general way, what the individual will do or become, provided he possesses the necessary abilities and opportunities.


To further the development of the concepts of numbers. To increase facility in using functional skills and develop new skills. To develop, understand and appreciate the part mathematics has played in various fields of human activity. To meet the needs of those who wish to acquire additional mathematics that is desirable for entering higher education. To relate skills in one-to-one correspondence with the idea of a function.

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R. M. Whitmore

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A. D. Stewart


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