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Joyous abounding health Is the physical condition that men have always desired and for which they have prayed. Such a condition Implies completeness and soundness of body, which means the absence of disease and infection and the normal functioning of every organ and power. Health is one problem that has forced itself upon the attention of the nation snd each separate community and family in recent years. The health of the community and family depends upon the health of the individual, and for this reason, great educational campaigns have been undertaken to instruct ovary one in personal and public hygiene. Human life must be conserved at any cost. This point is fundamental in the philosophy of social welfare. In the eighteenth century, the expectation of life in England and America was between thirty-five and forty years. In some communities (Philadelphia and North Hampton, England) it was under thirty years, Oweing to the battle against disease and the health education movement, the expectation of life in the United States increased until in 1901 it stood at forty-eight years. Taa five diseases which were great life destroyers in the past century are practically under control today from 1890 to 1925 the death rate per 100,000 from tuberculosis had decreased from 282 to 41, from diphtheria from 124 to 5, from typhoid fever from 47 to 8, from scarlet fever from 40 to 2, from Infant diarrhea from 105 to 19. Of the entire group of communicable diseases, only pneumonia and influenza still remain to be conquered, but there can be no doubt that they too will soon fall into control before the onward march of health movements. Today people are dying from heart disease, apoplexy, nephritis, and cancer. Nervous disorders are also on the increase said causing much unhappiness. This disease form the battle line of the present-day war against the destroyers of life. The play and physical education movement with its defense of the right of childhood to play, its education of children, its emphasis upon activity for all, and its fascinating and compelling program which constantly bacons adults away from sedentary life and nervous strain of work is doing much to advance the cause of health.

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Irene Glass

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Irene Glass


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