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The following problem is approached with the thought of enhancing the drafting curriculum in a vocational high school. The data gathered, categorized, analyzed, and placed in order of importance, should be beneficial to that end. This research is not intended or expected to answer all the questions which might arise concerning pre-employment training for drafting students. The research is approached with vocational students in mind. The present course in Vocational Drafting is designed for two school years with three hours per day spent in classroom lectures and practice.


Drafting has been given many, often flattering descriptions such as; Industry's Handmaiden, The Universal Language of Industry, Industry's Graphic Language, and others similar to these. In most attempts to briefly define drafting, industry is a necessary component of the description; seemingly the only reason for the existence of drafting technology.

Since most guides for teaching drafting technology come from textbooks, which are written by school-oriented authors, the guides are sterile in scope, sequence and real usefulness to instructors and students of drafting technology. It would seem this communications gap; that is, what industry needs, is not isolated to a school-industry situation, but exists within industry between personnel managers and office managers. Personnel managers are more interested in grooming, manners and general education than knowledge in a specific area, even though they process applications for employment. It is here the communications break down within industry.

This paper is the outgrowth of a quandry of what needs to be taught, and in what detail in high school drafting. A great amount of time has been consumed in the pursuit of answers to a number of questions.

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