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Health Education


The health attitudes of individuals have always been an intriguing subject in Health Education yet very little research is reported partly because of this, the writer has chosen to synthesize the opinions based on the study and experiences of students now in Health Education Class at Prairie View A & M College.

Purpose of this Study

The purpose of this study is to analyze the health attitudes of twenty-five Prairie View graduate students in Health Education. For example, one group of the workers agree on the following:

The most stubborn obstacle to success has been the difficulty of arousing vigorous convictions about the importance of health. In any subject a feeling of sympathy or even aversion on the part of the learners creates a difficulty problem of instruction; in health education, the question of attitude is crucial, since the ultimate test of success lies in the voluntary health behavior of the students. The distinctive element of an attitude is its emotional color, a feeling of attraction or aversion toward an idea or an action. This inclination may be the result of a single vivid and emotionally charged experience that fixes strongly over feeling toward subsequent experiences of similar nature. An attitude is more likely to be developed gradually through a rather extended series of experiences characterized by satisfaction, which becomes automatically associated with whatever seems to be the cause. There is a tendency for admiration or dislike of another person to be attached also to the thing he personifies, including his enthusiasm, beliefs, and practices. Parental attitudes are likely to be adopted among the students. The task of the teacher in attempting to promote desirable attitudes is often complicated by the number and character of those which students already hold.

During the administration of this test, the author made it known to persons cooperating in this test that there was no penalty for wrong answers as the scale was not used for grading purposes. This was done because it was the desire of the writer that the students be honest in giving their reactions to the questions found on the test.

Scone of the Study

Female students of Health Education were contacted in various dormitories of Prairie View A & M College, summer, 1952. Of this group, twenty-five students were administered the test. The writer explained the test to the students in groups of five and each reread the test. This was repeated five times. This study is limited to twenty-five students majoring in Health Education at Prairie View A & M College, summer, 1952.

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J. I. Thomas

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J. I. Thomas


Prairie View Agricultural And Mechanical College


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