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Within the Division of Nursing at Prairie View A and M College a Pre-Nursing and Guidance Test Battery is administered to the applicants for admission. Later during the nursing program, students are required to take the National League of Nursing Achievement tests. The Pre-Nursing and Guidance Battery has a two-fold purpose: (1) the selection of individuals to be accepted in the program, and (2) the counseling of those students accepted in the program. The National League of Nursing Achievement tests are administered at the termination of specialized areas of clinical training. These tests are also used to determine student learning and the effectiveness of clinical instruction.

As stated earlier the problem of this study is one of prediction. The State Board of Nursing Examinations were used as the criterion for the successful completion of academic work and the adequacy of training for professional proficiency. The variables used in the study were scores earned on the Pre-Nursing and Guidance Test Battery, National League of Nursing Achievement Tests and the State Board of Nursing Examinations.

The problem, then, is to determine the association among the following variables: Pre-Nursing and Guidance Battery scores, National League of Nursing Achievement scores, and the criterion, State Board of Nursing Examination Scores. The degree of relationship thereby indicating the value of the selected predictive indices in determining the possible success of the student nurse in completing the nursing program by passing the State Board Examinations and entering into professional nursing.

The study is limited to those persons who satisfactorily completed all areas of the State Board Examination for Nurses for the years 1956-57.

Certain difficulties existed too, in securing consistent numbers of cases throughout each of the test batteries. Therefore, there is some variation in the number of cases involved in relationships used in the study.

The inability to secure adequate information as to research and studies related to this problem further limited the study.

A discussion of the type of data used and its source will be given in the ensuing sections.

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