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Animal nutritional studies have led to the discovery that vitamin B2 (RIBOFLAVIN) is one of the essential factors for normal growth and development. The best known function of riboflavin is that it combines with phosphoric acid and protein to form tissue respiratory enzymes which control some of the oxidations involved in the life processes of the tissue. It is also considered to be necessary for the maintenance of the defensive powers of the organism. Lack of vitamin B2 will result in a delay of wound healing, aggravation of minor injuries, and the excretion of negligible amounts of it in the urine. Although it is predominantly excreted in the feces, a smaller amount is also excreted in the urine. While vitamin B2 is excreted mainly in the free form the quantity varies greatly. Riboflavin deficiencies are reflected in either of two conditions: CHELIOSIS, which is cracking of the lips at the corners of the mouth, or vascularization of the ordinarily avascular cornea, which involves the pentration of capillary loops into the cornea.

An increase in the riboflavin intake of humans increases the urinary output of riboflavin since tissue require only small amounts of the vitamin and an excess creates tissue saturation. There has been obtained no evidence that saturation of the tissues with riboflavin improves health or is required. Hence, excessive intake of the vitamin will increase its presence in urine.

The purpose of this investigation is to determine the effect of stress, specifically surgery, on the amount of riboflavin excreted in human urine.

This investigation is limited to the determination of amounts of riboflavin present in the urine of two hospital patients, before surgery and after surgery, using the urine of a normal person as a control. It has been observed that more riboflavin is excreted in the urine of patients with severe burns and after surgical procedures where protein losses indicate cellular decomposition (Wohl and Goodhart, 1964).

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