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The main purpose of this study was to determine: (1) the origin and development of education for Negroes in Texas; (2) to measure or evaluate the role missionary and aid societies have played in its development; and, (3) to evaluate its present status, drawing conclusions therefrom.

A study of this nature is needed for several reasons: (1) It will bring to light in a condensed form the official beginning of formal education in Texas for Negroes, (2) It will ascertain to a large extent the religious factor in education for Negroes and its importance, and (3) It will show the aims and objectives of persons interested in education then and now. Most important of all, every citizen of Texas should be acquainted with its educational background in order that a factual evaluative criterion may be at his command for social, economic, and political reasons.

This problem was limited to the formal education of Negroes in Texas and did not include the type of education many Negroes received as plantation slaves. Chronologically, it began with the Reconstruction Era and ends with the present year. This era has conveniently divided into the following three periods: namely; (1) 1861-1905, (2) 1905-1934, and (3) 1934-1949. In connection with these three main periods some legislation prior to 1861, relative to education, has been mentioned in order to provide a basis for later legislation included in the study.

The problem is further limited to the following groups of educational institutions: (1) private schools for Negroes, whether elementary or secondary; (2) schools above elementary grades, whether public or private; and (3) higher institutions of learning supported by the state.

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