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At the request of President John F. Kennedy, a panel of consultants conducted a study on Vocational Education in the United States. This report entitled, Education, For A Changing World of Work, was submitted to the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare in 1961. The panel made several major recommendations some of which are listed below:

Recommendations: 1. Expand vocational education and technical training programs consistent with employment possibilities and national economic needs. 2. Adequate service and facilities to assure quality in all vocational and technical programs. 3. Occupational and guidance services to be available for all students.

This investigation will concern itself primarily with the third recommendation listed above. To develop four major elements of an occupational guidance service for the Vocational Education Department of Jack Yates High School. In order to assure a quality program consistent with employment possibilities and national economic needs, the following questions must be answered:

Questions: 1. In an effort to make an occupational guidance service of practical value to all students, what should be the requirements, qualifications, and role of the guidance counselor? 2. If a vocational planning service is developed to advise and give directions to students' vocational choices, what should be the nature and scope of such a service? 3. What should be the characteristics of an occupational information service to support a sound vocational education program? 4. In order for a placement and follow-up service to be effective as the fourth stage in the occupational guidance program, how should it be organized and administered?

This investigation will be limited to the vocational education department at Jack Yates Senior High School.

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S. R. Collins

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R. C. Hughley

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H. G. Hendrick

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A. T. Kynard

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C. T. Edwards


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