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It is imperative for developing countries to keep abreast of modern educational trends to bring about progress and development. Competency-based education can by used as a vehicle for progress and development through improvements in the educational methods used in Guyana. Because Guyana has a tropical agricultural based economy and because educational institutions must have dynamic programs of change to be effective agents of change, a model for a CBE course in tropical root crops has been developed.

Competency-based education is aimed at moving away from traditional methods of teaching and as a result emphasis is placed on learning rather than on teaching. Each student is seen as an individual and is not judged by comparing his rate of progress with his group.

The model for the competency-based course of instruction was developed using as a guide the model developed by the University of Houston and adopted by Prairie View A & M University. The model component is comprised of three modules. The design of the modules is patterned on the competency-based education system.

It is felt that CBE is ideal for Guyana's educational system because the Ministry of Education has started a program called a Multilateral School System. This system will be the core for the restructuring of the secondary school system, where a wide variety of subjects, including technical subjects will be taught. In such a school system CBE is ideally suited because this method of teaching can encompass the various subject areas, which will be taught in the Multilateral Schools, and can offer the type of results which Guyana's government desires in its educational system.

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