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Since the beginning of recorded history, man has been processing information. According to history, early forms of recording information were rather crude when compared with present-day methods. However, they did serve the needs of their time. Before the invention of the pen and paper, records were kept by carving in stone.

Over the years, methods of information recording and processing have been refined. Changes have been made to keep up with the demands for information. It has been pointed out by several authors that the basic elements in keeping records still exist, but because of the heavy demands placed on business for faster and more accurate records, the businessman seeks to find a more desirable way of responding to the demands.

History shows that the Babylonians were concerned with keeping records of goods sold, of names of customers to whom they were sold, of monies received on account, and of amounts due from customers. Today business is still concerned with the same kinds of data. However, larger amounts of these data are being handled, and additional records have been added. Hew ways are constantly being sought to speed up the processing of information.

In an effort to cope with changing situations, business has turned to the use of the most advanced form of office automation—Electronic Data Processing or Automated Data Processing, including the computer.

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