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Bean seeds (Stringier Green Pod Landreth's Bosh) soaked for IS hours in 1.0 !, 0.6% and 0.25% solution of Linear Alkylate Sulfonate (LAS) failed to germinate. The bean seed germination increased as the concentrations were lower and the soaking periods reduced.

Morning glory seeds (wild morning glory) soaked for 16, 12, and 6 hours In 1.0 %, 0.5% and 0.25% solution of LAS and moistened with same fluid, or tap water showed leas than aO'* germination, The seeds that germinated ana moistened with up water recovered from the injurious effects while the seeds moistened in solution soaked. in showed growth inhibition on the 4th day. The corn seeds soaked for IS, 12, and 6 hours in 1.6%, 0.5%, and 0.25% solutions of LAL showed an extremely high rate of germination which indicated no injurious effects. All seeds soaked in Up water as control, showed germination. The greatest and quickest germination took place in those soaked for 12 hours.


Dooley, (1968); the comparative effects of Alkylate Benzene Sulfonate (ABS) and LAS on the mosquito minnow was reported which revealed the toxicity of •detergents on thin fish. This report reveals the exposed time and concentration that killed fish, the survival time increased as the fish were exposed to lower glory were used since the black seeds failed to germinate.

The LAS (Linear Alkylate Sulfonate) used in this study was furnished by Dr. Dooley of Prairie View A. and M. College. For composition see table 1 page 15.

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