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How can we judge whether or not a child is ready to read? Should we base such judgment on his ability to do accurate word calling? Can we say he is ready to read because he shows a strong desire to understand printed matter and exhibits an attitude of demanding the meaning of words he has read? Is his readiness to read proven by his grasp of the meaning of whole sentences; or by his ability to distinguish word forms; or his ability to remember the meaning and usage of words he has learned; or if he shows ability to think clearly? These questions and many others ought to be considered in any attempt to formulate a reading program in Prairie View Training School which will be generally approved.

Of course, the answer to all these questions must be "yes." The final test of good reading lines in determining how much the child chooses to read when he is left to his own devices; how easily and efficiently he understands the meaning of what he reads; how expressively he reads to an audience; and what type of reading he chooses when he is permitted to select his own reading matter.

The program for teaching reading, therefore, must be broad enough to include all phases of what we call the "language arts;" which involve listening, speaking, and writing, as well as reading. Consequently, even though the activities of the program are designed to aid the pupil in developing increased ability in reading, they must be integrated with other, equally important, activities which are designed to enable him to discuss what he has read, to select the important ideas, to recognize the significant details, and to form valid conclusions. In other words, reading is not an isolated activity; it is essential to the broader activities of communication and thought, all of these activities can only be performed in conjunction with each other.

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