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The rapid change of Beauty Culture from a trade to a profession, and the imposition of new laws as well as a number of new techniques, have left the average shop owner and cosmetologist in a state of bewilderment. Being unable to perform certain manipulative skills negligence in complying with the rules of sanitation, and poor shop management have caused many beauty establishments to fail* However, authorities in the profession have agreed that one failure is due to not considering and evaluating every operation carried out in the business to ascertain whether it shows a satisfactory or unsatisfactory response from the patrons* Nevertheless, the beauty shop owners and cosmetologists of Beaumont, Texas are no exception to those in other areas, who are guilty of being negligent in meeting demands of the patrons of the profession.

After many interviews, and some observations, made in beauty shops of practices that were both unlawful and undesirable to the best interest of the profession of Cosmetology, this study was evolved.

Historical Background of the Problem

la operating a business of any kind, the success of the business largely depends on the appearance of the business, the location, the appearance of the employees, the amount of equipment, the personality of the owner and employees, the techniques used in operating the business, and how well the rules of sanitation are complied with.

This study was suggested as the result of observing a number of Negro beauty shops in Beaumont, Texas. Such questions as the following were brought to mind:

1, Is the shop easily accessible and conveniently located?

2, Is the shop clean, attractive, and comfortable?

3, Does it have the necessary amount of equipment?

4. Are the operators courteous, neat, and appropriately dressed?

5, Do the operators comply with all sanitation rales? 6, Are the operators able to render all types of beauty service?

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T. L. Holley

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J. Mosby

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L. Orme


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