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The need for improved guidance service to all youth, everywhere, is rapidly increasing. This investigation, therefore, proposes to study the problem in these particulars: 1. What is the history of the guidance movement? 2. What is the need and purpose of guidance work? 3. What are the services and scope of a guidance program? 4. What is the present status of the system in Blackshear School at San Angelo, Texas? 5. What recommendations should be offered for a more adequate guidance program in the Blackshear School at San Angelo, Texas?

It is the ultimate purpose of this study, in an attempt to solve the issue set forth in the preceding paragraph, to determine the needed improvement and how to make better use of the present guidance program. The immediate purpose is to offer, in the light of the findings of the study, recommendations for more functional guidance program in Blackshear School at San Angelo, Texas.

In an investigation such as this, it is impossible to include all the pertinent data. This study is confined to a critical analysis of the literature in the field of guidance, a survey of the guidance services in San Angelo and some of the factors having a bearing on such services.

Some phases of the organization and activities of the guidance program of Blackshear school were given consideration. It was not possible to consider all the aspects of the program; therefore, those selected for use by the writer, are not to be taken as being the most significant in a guidance program. Many of the significant services in a guidance program cannot be analyzed statistically or minutely depicted in investigation data.

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