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"Educational achievement depends not only on the competence of the school staff, but also on the families from which the pupils come" (5:307).

Rearing children today is a challenge for parents. They face many challenges of which includes: (1) economic pressures (family indebtedness), (2) limited space in home and neighborhood, (3) ethnic and racial tensions in the community, (4) inadequate school facilities for a rapidly growing population, (5) unwanted, neglected, and rejected children growing up in inadequate homes, (6) child behavioral problems and many more. The main concern in this study will be that of the child and his family.

Since certain factors are a determining deterant of a child's underachievement, it is of grave importance that we look at the youngsters, their level of achievement and ascertain basic information and criteria to determine if there are certain similarities that are relevant to underachievement by comparing the same factors of students with high achievements.

The writer in the study hopes to compare certain patterns or conditions of home life of "culturally deprived" students with patterns and conditions of home life to those students of normal or high attainment (6:4). The students will be examined according to social class and various elements of attainment. The writer at a later time will make suggestions toward what methods may be employed by the educational system to try and counteract some of the deficits in homelife that partially cause cultural deprivation.

Although cultural deprivation is not a phenomenon known to certain races, the setting of the study is in a predominantly black junior high school, in the Dallas Independent School District. No discrimination of the age or sex of the students used in this study is involved. 50 random students will be used. To allow for higher grades in preferential classes, for the purpose of this study, grades in solid subjects only will be used. Students in the regular school program will be used.

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