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To serve as a basis for further developing a well-rounded program of community recreation. There has been no definite program of community recreation in Bailinger. The equipment necessary for carrying out a balanced program is inadequate. The leader needs the knowledge of human understanding. Cooley, an authority in sociological thought, makes this a paramount essential. Only as a leader understands, can he hope to serve as a symbol, for then the followers feel that he is in sympathy with them, and they are ready to tender him their trust. The leader should be cheerful, even-tempered, sociable considerate, tactful fair, strict sincere enthusiastic, and inspiring teachers of Bellinger are young enough, for the playground just so long as we are energetic and full of life and can radiate the same contagious spirit. The principal in initiating a community survey must guard against the danger of over-estimating the interest of others, a crisis in community affairs such as a specific problem or difficulty which has gained community-wide attention* may provide the opportunity for suggesting the survey Vandalism among younger boys a drive for clean movies, a movement for a community recreation-field* the loss of an important industry a large fire loss, and similar happenings offer the opportunity for suggesting a study. Borne community problems such as the need for recreational facilities cannot be met by single organization in such cases two or more organizations should promote the program jointly, Borne times it will be possible for nearby communities to cooperate in providing a water supply public health service or other improvements which cannot be supplied economically by a small community.

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T.S. Russell

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B.H. Davis

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B.H. Davis

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G.L. Harrison


Prairie View State Normal And Industrial College


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