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Physical education is a means of education through physical activities selected and conducted with full regards for values in human growth, development, and behavior. A variety of physical activities and an appropriate program of physical education, health, and recreation tend to develop physical fitness, mental alertness, and emotional stability in the student. Physical education is not the privilege of a few, but rather the rightful heritage of all the children of all the people.

In our modern society and atomic age, it is more important than ever to provide people with play interests, skills, and abilities that will enable them to use their leisure time wisely. The present-day demands for strength of character, the strain of modern civilization, and the premium placed upon physical fitness all emphasize the place and need of physical education in the total school program.

The Carver School Community is located on the east side of Waco, Texas. The pupils of this community are predominately from underprivileged families and of the lower-income group. A large percent of the people in this community live in the Waco City Housing projects. The Waco Housing Authorities specifies that the monthly income of a family must not exceed a certain salary to qualify as an occupant. There is very little support the school receives through community organizations, such as a Parent- Teachers organization, or Civic League. There is also very little interest shown by the parents in school, with help seldom given when a student problem arises.

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C. A. Woods


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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