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The writer's interest in human relations and a desire to know more about her students prompted her to undertake this study of rejections and acceptances of a group of girls enrolled in the Home and Family Life Education classes in I. M. Terrell High School, Ft. Worth, Texas.

The term "rejection" refers to the students who did not receive any friendship choices in the positive sociogram.

The term "acceptance" refers to the students who received one or more friendship choices.

As the semester changed and new students began to enroll in the Home and Family Life Education classes, the writer pondered over her first move. Some students were noisy; others were quiet, some smiled; others appeared sad. Some talked all the time; others never said a word. Some were clean and neatly dressed; others unkempt. This is what appeared on the surface. What was below it?

Since these students would have to live and work together for four and one-half months, it was necessary to know something about their student society, and whether each student could find a place and be comfortable in it. Could their student society facilitate their learning? What had the students learned in their families, on street corners, at work, or at play in various groups? What values and ways of behavior had been fixed in their previous experiences? How did these fit into this investigation? What problems and difficulties were they meeting in growing up and making their way through the web of human contacts?

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E. M. Galloway

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L. M. Burns

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L. M. Burns

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