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For many years, differences of opinion in the State of Arkansas have existed among the people as to whether the state should remain an agricultural state or become an industrial state.

Some of the older settlers contended that the state could not exist unless it remained an agricultural state. This type of attitude caused some people to migrate to other places seeking better job opportunities.

Change, as such, is neither good nor bad. It is a fact of life. Economic and social changes are the result of great and small decisions, by groups and whole societies as well as by individuals. Change takes place when people begin doing something differently, or doing it better.

Yet, what seems better to one group of people may seem worse to another. The tractor and automobile have benefited millions of people, but they have practically put horses, buggy makers, and blacksmiths out of business. This is not to suggest that change is very much a part of a dynamic society.

Vines stated that "Arkansas is a land in which people have always refused to stand still. The creative drive for the better life, or to meet new and larger challenges, is a typical Arkansas trait.

To share in the rewards of s ociety, the individual (as well as the group or community) needs to learn how to deal with the impact of change, the constant pressure of new challenges. The citizen needs to recognize change, work with it, adjust to it, or figure out how to redirect a trend, slow it down, speed it up, cushion its impact on his own business, farm, family, or community.

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