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Basketball holds a great future for the boy of tomorrow. The youngster who learns to play basketball well may develop neuro-muscular coordination* muscular skills* group spirit, emotional control, social development, and as a college or older amateur player, become a top-notch coach or a top professional player.

Basketball practices can be interesting or routine, entirely dependent upon the thought given them by the coach. Only recently has the coach strived to teach skills and fundamentals* Early basketball could be defined by one word—scrimmage. Most coaches believe now that scrimmage should be reserved as a brief reward for the daily practices.

Basketball has undergone many changes. Through the addition and modification of Its rules, the game has advanced to a point today that it is considered to be America*s most complex and fastest-growing game* It was thought that the game of basketball could be played better if some attention was given to the proper methods of play which we call fundamentals.

Basketball is a game nearly everybody can play. All that is needed is plenty of enthusiasm, determination, and perseverance. Auerbach, pointing up the need for drills, says, "The drills used in all aspects of the game should be simple and have a fundamental purpose." Yet, many teams have achieved moderate success in winning games despite their lack of emphasis on fundamentals. But this can only be attributed to luck or inferior competition.

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