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The purpose of this study is to accomplish the following ends: 1. To determine the supervisory practices that are used most frequently in the schools in East Texas; 2. To determine the supervisory practices that are used least in the schools in East Texas; 3. To discover any unique supervisory practices that are used in East Texas; 4. To stimulate further guidance and study in the field of supervision; 5. To discover and provide a guide for further studies that have to do with supervisory practices; 6. To provide a supplement to the generally accepted list of supervisory activities that would be peculiar to schools in East Texas or to schools that have the same or similar needs and conditions.

This study will include the findings of a survey of the supervisory practices in some selected schools in East Texas that vary in school population from 150 pupils to 500 pupils and in teaching staff from five to twenty-eight teachers.

The study will contain such recommendations as will present a selected list of supervisory practices, based on the frequency of use and the degree to which the practices are unique.

For the most part the study will represent the opinions and experiences of principals only. Not a single supervisor or superintendent answered the questionnaire personally. Three supervisors and two superintendents did state that they were having the principal of a school return the questionnaire.1

1 The data from such returns were supposed to represent what the superintendents and supervisors sanctioned but were what the principal did.

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J. H. Windom


Prairie View University


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