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This study is limited to 35 of the pupils of the F. W. Gross School in the third grade. It is concerned with the four factors, deficient hearing, deficient sight, mental retardation, and home environment since previous studies have amply covered other aspects of reading retardation and since these four factors seemed to be the more important in the reading difficulties of the group studied. Though the findings of this study may or may not be definite, they will at least furnish a basis for the solution of some of the probable causes of poor reading, and will serve as a basis for farther study.

The general aim of the study being undertaken here is to learn enough about the present lives and past experiences of a selected group consisting of 35 third grade pupils in the P. W. Gross School; concerning the mental ability, home environment, and the hearing and vision to provide facts that will prove useful in arriving at some conclusion as to the causes of poor reading in the school, and to use this information as evidence as a basis for improvement.

Specifically the aim is (1) to discover some of the causes of poor reading and to organize a reading program that will develop the child mentally, socially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. (2) To organize a suggested program that will be considered with the child's interests, needs, abilities and experiences, which will develop an understanding of such knowledge that will give a basis for intelligent self direction, (3) to decide in the light of the cases presented in this study, upon the educational needs of these individuals, and the possible needs of future third grade children, (4) to learn or have some basic information upon which to decide what directions should be taken in planning for improvement in the educational program now being offered.

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