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The purpose of this study is to determine the need for guidance, to determine the extent to which the need is being met under present conditions, and to propose a program of guidance based upon the revealed need.

More specifically, the purpose is to evaluate critically the guidance activities at Ball High School, Seguin, Texas, and to propose a program of organized guidance services that will meet better the needs as revealed through this study.

The writer feels that it is the firm belief of every intelligent individual, that all communities should attempt to improve their educational programs, and as communities attempt to do this, individualized planning by pupils emerge as a necessary part of the communities educational objectives. As a school's curricula expands, the need for careful choices becomes more important. As adult society becomes more complex, the need for information about that society becomes more acute. As teachers attempt to individualize instruction, the need for more and better information about pupils becomes more essential. As youngsters are encouraged to become more self-directive, their need for understanding themselves becomes more evident. It is because of these and many other similar conditions, the writer is concerned with organizing an adequate guidance program at Ball High School.

This study intends to present a composite picture of what constitutes an adequate guidance program.

Further, it intends to show how all members of the school staff and student body benefit from the guidance program, and in many ways contribute to it.

The writer also feels that more should be done by the school to help students with their many varied and diverse personal and social problems. Some definite assistance should be provided that will enable students to know exactly where to go for help with the solution of problems that confront them and are so important in their everyday life situations.

He also feels that, due to the employment outlook in and around the school's setting, guidance services which are adequately organized should be made available to assist pupils in establishing their educational and vocational goals.

Guidance services should also be made available to assist pupils in their efforts to become more productive members of their families and of their community.

It is hoped that a study of this nature will bring into focus a clear picture of what Ball High School can do to better meet the needs of it's pupils.

Finally, it is desired that the program proposed in this study will eventually be initiated into the educational program of the school.

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William L. Cash, Jr.

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Jack Echols

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A. I. Thomas

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H. E. Mazyck

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J. P. Krouse


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