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The purpose of this thesis is to show the importance of choosing a vocation and to justify vocational guidance as an aid in this stupendous undertaking. A vocation is one's profession or calling, A few years ago the matter of choosing a vocation was a simple one. Vocations were few in number; boys usually followed in the footsteps of their fathers and girls became house-keepers and home ankers after the order of their mothers. But today in this age of overcrowded vocations It is more than necessary that young people begin at a very early age to study the vocational field, to select their life's work, and to place emphasis on those subjects and activities that will best fit them for that work. Many high schools have met this demand by incorporating "vocations" as a regular subject into the curriculum. It is necessary that every school devise some vocational guidance plans that will include every student enrolled in the school whether it be an elementary school, a junior high school, or a senior high school. In this way, students will find it easy to select vocations. The need for vocational guidance in our schools is so obvious that the writer feels that a long treatment of the pertinent and indispensable need for vocational guidance in our schools would be useless in this chapter# There is to follow a chapter on vocational guidance, only with the view of providing helpful hints. To say that vocational guidance will in a large measure ameliorate pathological conditions, and make for our youth a better adjustment establishes the writer's contention, and at the same time justifies the importance of vocational guidance being incorporated in the programs of our various schools.

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J.J. Abernethy


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