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The need for recreation became more apparent after World War I. The interest, concern, and investment of both money and energy are compelling testimony to this fact. At one time, recreation was the by-product of the average breadwinner, since he worked twelve hours a day, totally dependent upon his employer. Today the shorter working day and increased wages have paved the way for greater recreational pursuits.1

From the beginning of time, girls as well as boys, have had their play ways; women, as well as men; their recreations. The leisure activities for girls and women connected with home duties have been largely individual and self-initiated. Recently, many radical changes in women's lives have indicated that if every girl is to have an adequate opportunity to play and develop a wholesome and satisfying way of using free time some of their recreational needs should be re-organized 2

Modern civilization and the development of the last fifty years have greatly changed the leisure life of the people, just as the work-life has been modified. Fifty years ago, America was predominantly a nation of small towns and rural communities. Most homes were surrounded by large front and backyards and were situated in the midst of open country; others were located close to woods, streams, and vacant lots to provide some recreational activities. Streets were safe for play; there were barns and sheds and animals; cellars, attics, and porches for playroom and equipment. People were acquainted with their neighbors; there was friendliness and social life among the people. Young people lived at home with their families and in stable neighborhoods.

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