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In the last few years, many investigations have showed the effect of chemicals and X-rays on oxygen consumption. Some investigators have proved that exposure of organisms to sufficiently large doses of short wave-length radiation inhibits subsequent growth and development. Gottscholh and Nonnenbruch(1923), Adler (1930), and Crabtree(1932) have reported that respiration in a variety of animal and plant organisms is impeded by X-rays and gamma rays. Redfield and Bright(1922) irradiated dry radish seeds with emanation and after 2 days moistened them and measured the COg production. Francis(1934) found that there are parallel decreases in fresh weight and COg production in the irradiated wheat seedling. Adler and Crabtree, mentioned above, also indicated that respiration is secondary by showing that a "latent period" of several hours before respiration is decreased. In these experiments, it was found that the rate of respiration is nearly constant in both control and irradiated seedlings during the first 6 hours after treatment.

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