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Differences of opinion in relation to athletic competition for girls are widespread. One extreme favors interscholastic programs while at the other extreme is a group which contends that the competition should be restricted to participation in social games with the "win" element largely removed. For many years women engaging in competitive athletics have caused, and are still causing, pro and con discussion among the laymen as well as among noted physical educators, as to whether such competition is beneficial or harmful. Arguments for both are based largely upon biological and social factors.

The contributions inherent in athletics for meeting the needs and interests of participants are many. Brownell and Hagman in Physical Education - Foundations and Principles listed general objectives for athletics. In general terms, they wrote "student values center around such objectives as providing opportunity for wholesome recreation through sports as both participant and spectator; developing and maintaining physical fitness among players and as an example to non-participants; strengthening of personal and social traits through life experiences of great momentary importance in such characteristics as resourcefulness, initiative, persistence, self-reliance, loyalty, cooperative effort, self-sacrifice for the common good of others; satisfying the human desire of belonging to the group; stimulating an interest in wholesome athletic activity that leads to participation in a wide range of intramural sports by the general student body, and to the development of skills in satisfying events that can be pursued through life.

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W. Levi Cash


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