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The present world conflict indicates something more than competition for political and economic power. Involved, also, is a concept of life.

Education today finds it imperative to reappraise the past in order to determine, if possible, what worthwhile elements were included in its culture. A great amount of new information has been accumulated and a careful sifting of these facts is necessary in order to find out what is useful for the individuals of today and tomorrow. True[14) stated, "It has been said that the prime function of an education is to fit one for life." If so, what is education? According to Spafford,f11)"Education is concerned with improving and enriching the living of each group.

" Conf 6 Stated, that home economics has long been called the "4th r" and has a tradition of being based on life needs. However, she believes that much time has been devoted to developing subject matter and little time to the task of demonstrating how this information can be made to function in promoting student growth.

Concentration has been placed to a marked degree on training the student. In doing so, has the planned program of training failed to educate him? Does the training help to guide the student in an intelligent and practical use of any knowledge gained, to the extent that through the development of an investigative mind, everyday problems are discovered and tentative procedures set up for solving them?

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E. C. May

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E. M. Norris

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E. M. Norris


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