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The writer proposes to study the problem of homeroom guidance in the Dunbar school through four major questions in this area. These questions are as follows: (1) To what extent does the homeroom guidance program provide opportunities for the development of desirable and worthy character traits and pupil adjustment? (2) To what extent is homeroom guidance needed at Dunbar high school, Lufkin, Texas? (3) What are some important factors affecting homeroom guidance? (4) In what way may homeroom guidance in the Dunbar high school be improved?

The purpose of this study is to survey and evaluate the guidance practices of the homeroom sponsors of Dunbar high school, Lufkin, Texas. In setting up criteria for a functional homeroom guidance program, Clarence C. Dunsmoor1 listed the following as some of the major objectives: A. To create in students a realization of their responsibility in promoting school welfare. B. To provide opportunities for the development of constructive leadership through the assumption of specific responsibilities in school and homeroom activities. C. To promote good followership, as well as good leadership. D. To provide an environment suitable for the development of high standards of school citizenship, school spirit, and character. E. To create a critical, but open-minded and constructive, attitude toward school and individual improvement. F. To emphasize the importance of service in all phases of school activity. G. To teach good sportsmanship. H. To help foster and maintain high standards of scholarship and accomplishment. I. To serve as a center for the discussion of school activities. J. To aid in the giving of educational and vocational guidance. K. To help in the handling of certain problems of administrative routine, such as gathering student data, announcements, attendance, promotion of school activities.

The findings of this study shall serve as a guide for the formulation of a homeroom guidance program for Dunbar high school, Lufkin, Texas.

1 Clarence C, Dunsmoor, and L.M. Miller, Guidance Methods for Teachers, pp. 76-77.

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