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There are trends clearly noticeable throughout the United States regarding certification of teachers. Approximately one-half of the states now are increasing their requirements, and the trend is more and more in this direction.

The American Association for Health and Physical Education and Recreation has adopted the prerequisite for new members to have obtained the bachelor's degree in an institution accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. With job opportunities available in various places, most teachers or prospective teachers should keep abreast of new trends in certification. For one to know or understand the new certification requirements one should read and survey written literature in this area. This study will serve as means for implementing this necessity. More specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. Is there a difference in the number of hours required by each state? 2. Is there a similar course of study for the ten states?

This study entailed a survey of ten selected Southern states and their minimum certification requirements for undergraduate physical education majors.

The purpose of this study was to attempt to determine the degree of uniformity, similarities, comprehensiveness and sequence as they relate to minimum requirements.

The curriculums investigated were limited to the specialized areas of health and physical education because both teaching fields included part of the special requirements.

Only ten Southern states were chosen for this study.

A review of the literature failed to reveal a similar study of this nature.

The information used in the study was taken from publications forwarded upon request by various State Educational Agencies; therefore, the investigator concludes that the information is correct and valid.


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